Graduation Exhibition Wackers

June 5, 2020: Expected graduation from the Wackers Art Academy. The graduation exhibition starts at the 5th and ends on the 7th.

Location: Wackersacademie, Eerste Helmerstraat 271, Amsterdam.

More information will follow.

Art Market de Bilt

On Saturday 14 September, I will be selling my art at the Art Market in de Bilt. The market is located in the beautiful Boetzelaer Park. There will be music, performances, food, drinks and lot's of artists. Please come and say hello! I am at number 83 (map).


Start market: 12:00, end: 18:00

More information:



Three Artworks Published


The 2019 edition of Sanskrit Literary-Arts Magazine is just published and three of my artworks are included! I submitted ten works in total and it is always a surprise which ones are chosen (if any at all). I start to see a pattern though, Sanskrit picking the most colourful works every time :).


More information on the magazine can be found here.


Wackers New Years' Exhibition

Sold! I just heard that both my works at the Wackers Art Academy New Years' Exhibition have been bought. Woah, people want to spend money on my art :D. This inspires me to make more! 

Back to where I started, refining my skills

Goodbye UNCC, hello Wackers Academy! My adventures in the United States have come to an end. I moved back to The Netherlands and will continue studying art at my former academy, The Wackers Academy in Amsterdam. This year I will be trained in classical drawing- and painting techniques. You will see a lot of still lives, figure drawings and plein air paintings on my website and Instagram account. 

When I passe the exam at the end of the year, I am allowed to create whatever I want in the year after. Patience practise! 


Still life with Tea Box

Oil on paper

A New Home for Sydney


My painting of Sydney has been Sydney! She hung it above her bed. It am still surprised how well it goes together with her wall colour and the rest of her room. 




Oil on canvas

30 x 40 inch

Third prize at the Public Health & Art Exhibition UNCC


Today was the National Public Health, Art and Design Exhibition at the Student Activity Centre, UNC Charlotte. My painting with Marsha Tegard was exhibited and won the third prize! .

Her fascinating biography must have helped too:


My legal name is Marsha, but it hasn't always been. I was born with a penis, and I was given the name William Frank after my mother put me up for adoption at a home for unwed mothers. Some have known me as an ordained minister, others as a United States Marine Drill Instructor. Or as a troubled youth in and out of trouble with the law and eventually incarcerated. Maybe you knew me in Miami, Florida when I was a banquet captain at some major hotels. You could have seen me in a fashion show or modelling in a department store. Maybe you bought some of my art while I was an art student in Virginia. You could have owed me money when I was a drug dealer or rode a Harley and we rode together with the same motorcycle club.

Yes, I've been all these people and more. However, I prefer Marsha.

Golden Age at the Annual Juried Exhibition


My painting Golden Age was accepted to the Annual Juried Exhibition at the UNCC.


A classmate heard that the overall theme of the show was 'Toxic'. While I could see my painting, with the fumes and factories, being related to contamination, I did not see how the other artwork related to the theme. 


The show has a minimalist set up. Many students are disappointed by the rejection of their beautiful artworks. It makes me wonder why the jury did not include more work, as an encouragement for the students' development. 


Golden Age (2018)

30'' x 40'' 

Charcoal, oil paint, metal leaf

Great opening night at Baku Art Gallery

The opening last night was awesome and a success! The place was crowded, the mood cheerful and I sold five paintings. Everybody who stopped by, thank you! Without you, the opening would have been a traumatising sad experience for Aoibhin and I. Special thanks to our teachers Andrew Leventis, prof.J. Frakes and Maja Godlewska for being there; we feel very supported!


The show will be up until 27 February at Baku Art Gallery.

How to Make a Relief Print

I am working on a series of relief prints with the Japanese Wabi-sabi theme: A world view centered on the acceptance of transcience and imperfection. The prints are a portrait of an unlucky (or lucky because immortalized?) cicada, found dead in my stairwell. 


How is a print like this made? I will unravel the mystery for you! 🌟


Step one:


The image is drawn with a marker on PVC board (PVC board is a cheaper variant than linoleum and works just as well).



A relief is gouged with several sharp tools. This is a time-consuming task; mine took about ten hours. 




Step two:



I made 30 backgrounds with ink and a roller on Japanese paper. The (spotted or dotted) textures show up when applying the ink while the paper lies on a relief like a pin board or mat. 




Step three:



The matrix (that’s what you call the gouged relief) is inked up with a roller, sandwiched between paper and then run through the printing press. 




Step four:



I paint the prints with watercolours. Most of them are green, some red and a rare one blue. 




Step five:



The prints are glued on a bigger white sheet with the ‘Chine Colle’ method: Both print and sheet are soaked, glued to each other, and then pinned to a pin board to dry.



Step six:



Once dry, the edges with the push pin holes are carefully ripped off in the tradition of print making. A ragged edge shows that the artwork is an original and not (merely) a digital print.  





I intend to make 31 prints total and they will be for sale!

This art is mine. Please do not use my pictures without my permission.