Myrthe Biesheuvel is a visual artist born and raised in The Netherlands. She studied for a BFA with a concentration in Painting at the University of North Carolina Charlotte in the USA and got a diploma in Classical Painting and Drawing Techniques at the Wackers academie in Amsterdam. In 2021 she had her first solo exhibition, Dreamscapes, at the Gillman Barracks in Singapore. Myrthe currently lives and works in The Netherlands.


Construction sites, alleys, and wastelands; solitary figures on the side of the road and traces of civilization enveloped by lush vegetation. Inspired by my surroundings and subconscious I create places with a dreamlike and sometimes dark quality with oil, pencil and mixed media. My artwork avoids overt political or cultural commentary. Instead, a sense of contemplation, wonder, and mystery predominates. I work from life as well as from photographs and the imagination. Occasionally I paint abstracts inspired by music or attent live figure drawing sessions.

I love the tactile quality and the directness of painting. In a world where we spend many hours a day on our phones and computer, it is liberating to use other senses like smell and touch and soothing to focus on one image for a longer period of time.


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