Upcoming events/exhibitions/etc

  • September 14: I will be selling my art at the Art Market de Bilt. There will be music, performances, food, drinks and lot's of artists. Please come say hello! More info about the market you can find > here <.
  • October 6: Pakje Kunst will open their first art vending machine in StayOkayHostel at the Neude, Utrecht. I submitted 20 small artworks for the machine. More info about Pakje Kunst > here <. 
  • June 5: Expected graduation from the Wackers Art Academy. The graduation exhibition starts at the 5th and ends on the 7th. Location: Wackersacademie, Eerste Helmerstraat 271, Amsterdam.


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    Kayo (Friday, 08 February 2019 14:10)

    I am a Wackers graduate sketching in Artis with you on Wednesdays. When searching your Instagram, I found this website. I am impressed with your wide range of art and career. I will follow your Instagram after making an account for myself!