Commissioning art

-The process of hiring an artist to create an artwork, based on the client’s request-

Open for commissions!

What I can do

I can paint animals, landscapes, portraits, still lives and interiors in watercolor on paper. Random ideas for art commissions:

  • a painting of your lush garden in spring, to enjoy during the gloomy winter months
  • a painting of the beautiful house / city you used to live in
  • a portrait of your cute dachshund / guinea pig / parakeet
  • a still life with your most treasured possessions

Not for me

I don’t do abstract commissions because the result is too unpredictable. 

I don't do oil paintings at the moment because I lack space and time.



Landscapes, still life, interiors, pets  and portraits  with the face not being the main focus:

  • Watercolor, A4 format (21 x 29.7 cm): 200 euro 
  • Watercolor, A3 format (29.7 x 42 cm): 350 euro 

Portraits with the face as main focus:

  • Watercolor, A4 format (21 x 29.7 cm): 1 person: 250 euro,  plus 50 euro for every other person added
  • Watercolor, A3 format (29.7 x 42 cm): 1 person: 400 euro, plus 50 euro for every other person added


Please notice!

  • Prices are including VAT 
  • Shipping costs are excluded. Shipping costs are  7 euro for The Netherlands, 15 euro for Europe and 20 euro for all other countries. Picking up the work is also possible, I am currently based in Utrecht.
  • If you want a painting with fantastical elements (like 'Sky Adventure' and 'Family on the Hunt'), the price might be higher, depending on the complexity of the design. Naturally, world building takes more time and effort than working from one photograph. 

Examples of past commissions


Wedding Gift - Family on the Hunt

Watercolor on paper, A4 size


This couple loves computergames and it was a pleasure taking elements from their favorite games and combine it into this scene. You will see references to Zelda, The Sims, Pokemon and Kirby. 


Feedback from the bride and groom:

'Wow, your drawing is really incredible! It's got details for all of us and Cookie's (the dog) colors match so well. I'm a big fan of the dough roller. Thank you for this fantastic gift.''


Wedding Gift - On the Bicycle

Watercolor on paper, A3 size


Feedback from the groom:

'We're so happy to have this personalized painting! It captures a very special moment of our lives. The day felt like a fairytale and you have been able to capture this feeling. PS: Those spokes on the wheel are impressive.''


Wedding Gift - Sky Adventure

Watercolor on paper, A3 size


The Heart of the House

Watercolor on paper, A4 size


Andrea Wold Johansen contacted me all the way from Norway:

'My partner and I are moving into a new chapter of life and we'll soon be moving out of our first flat together. The kitchen is really the heart of it and I'm looking for a memento with the comfort and warmth this kitchen has created for us.' 

I made two paintings of which she chose the first one. 


Feedback from Andrea:

'It is so interesting to hear more about the creative process. Thank you so much for taking it so seriously, gosh!

The finished result is absolutely beautiful and it feels like our kitchen. So looks just like when we were in there cooking. Can't wait to move into the new house, to frame it, and to get it up the wall.''


Birthday Gift for Grandma

Watercolor on paper, A4 size


The commissioner had this watercolor made as a gift for her grandmother in India. I loved working on this commission because the grandma and granddaughter both look so genuinly happy.


Feedback from the granddaughter:

'Wow this is amazing'

16 Dalkeith Road, Singapore

The commissioner had this watercolor made as a gift for her landlord, who lives on 16 Dalkeith Rd. 


Feedback from the commissioner: 

'Gorgeous! Just stunning! What a great representation of the house. I love how you did the swimming pool and you even painted the lamp... Can you please make one of my own house as well'?'

16A Dalkeith Road, Singapore

The commissioner had this watercolor made as a gift for herself. She was planning on moving to another country and loved to have a memento of the house she happily lived in for years.


Feedback from the commissioner:

'I love it! There's such a flow in your watercolor paintings, like it took you no effort to get this beautiful result. Very happy with it!'

Birthday Gift - Sylvia

The commissioner looked for a unique birthday gift for his loved one. He asked me to make an oil painting of one of their holiday pictures.


Feedback from the girlfriend:

'Thank you again so much for the painting. I am very impressed by your painting skills and also by the speed by which you were able to finish it. I follow your work on Instagram and it always looks great... but of course this one is special to me. Extraordinary to see myself painted and to get this as a gift from my lover.'

You have a great idea for a painting. Now what? 

Step 1 - Exploration

Describe the painting you have in mind. You can do so on this contact form. Please be as specific as you can be. Think about subject and size.  Is there a deadline? I will get back to you with more questions, an indication of the price and a time line prediction.

Step 2 - Commitment 

Once we have agreed on the details and the price of the commission I will ask for a 50% deposit. This deposit is non-refundable and exists to protect the artist and to involve the client.

Step 3 – Creation 

Now it is time for you to relax and let me do all the work. I will keep you updated about the progress I am making.

Step 4 – Results

There it is, the work I made on your request! To present and protect the work you might consider having it framed.  Thank you so much for your commission, I hope it brings you years of joy!

Contact me here to tell me about your idea!