The Otherworldly Creature Series

My sketchbooks are filled with fantastical creatures. I decided to turn five of them into a series. The  line work is made by lino cutting and I took my time exploring a variety of backgrounds using a wide range of techniques and mediums. The creatures are printed on 12mm MDF board, its sturdiness and natural touch being perfect for the subject. Enjoy! 


All creatures for sale can be found here .


Always cheerful and a real party animal.


A great help in the kitchen when baking bread. Natural habitat: grassy hills. You can see them roll up and down during dusk.


Wisest of them all. Smell lies within a range of 3.14 kilometres (Exact distance varies per Snuifbok).


Not very smart but an exceptionally kind and lovable creature. Eats roots and mushrooms. Uses its extended eyes to peek over bushes.


Schubbeflutsen are a mighty handy asset to your household: They keep your house warm and clean during the night. Some people are less charmed by them because the coals cast from their volcano leave scorch marks on the floor. 

Death of a Cicada Series

Death of a Cicada is a series of 31 relief prints with the Japanese Wabi-sabi theme: A world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. The prints are a portrait of an unlucky (or lucky because immortalised?) cicada, found dead in my stairwell. 

You can read how I made the prints here.


Print without white margins: 30 x 40 cm 

Print with with margins: 40.6 x 50.8 cm 

- The Box Series -

Being stuck with a cardboard box.