What is conceptual art?

In conceptual art the concept, or idea, is the most important aspect of the work. It is meant to engage the mind rather than the eye or emotions. For this reason, conceptual art is sometimes regarded as ‘difficult’. To understand a piece of art, the viewer must examine all its aspects and ponder on it. Accompanying statements can be added to help the audience grasp its meaning.

Each person can interpret the meaning of a conceptual artwork differently.

Source: Sol LeWitt, Paragraphs on Conceptual art (1928).

(Dis)Connection (2016)

Computer parts

6' x 5' x 4''  


I made this work shortly after I moved to the U.S.A. Having no social network in this country to rely on, I heavily depended on my communication with friends and family in The Netherlands. This net is an expression of my longing for connection with them. The setting is the shore of the Atlantic Ocean; suggesting the net disappears under the water, stretching through the water all the way to the Dutch shore, connecting me with my family and friends over there. The net is made of computer parts: A reference to the great technological possibilities we currently have available to us.

Untitled (Ephemerality project) (2016)



Each day brings new experiences and knowledge. As time passes, you inevitably also lose some things.

When you grow up you gain in-dependency...but loose security and protection. You get more life experience and maybe gain wisdom...but you won't be able to play like a child again and your body weakens. Your memories, assumed identity and the way you experience things are constantly changing. By knitting your scarf, you design your own life. Some things you cannot control; the river does with the scarf whatever it wishes.

The thin line between meat and flesh (2016)



A challenge for the viewer to think about meat consumption.