Nighttime Construction

Oil on linen

122 x 91.5 cm


When the sun goes down, The Singaporean heat gives way to a cooler night breeze and the buzz of nightlife. People go drinking and shopping and the streets get crowded and festive. But sometimes construction work continues. Travelling back home at night, I was captured by this scene of a lonely figure sitting by a hole in the road. 


Although the painting has been interpreted in different ways by others, for me it is about finding/creating your place in the world.I think many artists can relate to this theme and, as I've been living in various countries, finding my home has become a central topic in my life. 



Plein Air Painting

St.Martin mood exploration series

Oil on paper, 18x24cm


Pencil drawings

Mixed media



Oil on MDF

20 x 15 cm


For me, abstract painting is about catching a moment of being in the present. Rather than trying to achieve likeness as with figurative painting, I am concerned with shapes, textures and colors based on what I am experiencing. It's about observing what's inside and translating it to the canvas which can only be done successfully when letting go and being open to the unpredictable.


Integration is a precious work to me because it captures one of those joyful moments and I will never be able to copy its energy exactly because that exact state will never return.

I named it Integration because I see the unification of two layers. The thick white layer connects with the colorful, hidden background through the carved lines. 


Bonus: when you turn it on its right side you can also spot three travellers in the snow.




Plein Air

The work of the eyes is done. Go now and do the heart-work on the images imprisoned within you.

- Rainer Rilke