Third prize at the Public Health & Art Exhibition UNCC


Today was the National Public Health, Art and Design Exhibition at the Student Activity Centre, UNC Charlotte. My painting with Marsha Tegard was exhibited and won the third prize! .

Her fascinating biography must have helped too:


My legal name is Marsha, but it hasn't always been. I was born with a penis, and I was given the name William Frank after my mother put me up for adoption at a home for unwed mothers. Some have known me as an ordained minister, others as a United States Marine Drill Instructor. Or as a troubled youth in and out of trouble with the law and eventually incarcerated. Maybe you knew me in Miami, Florida when I was a banquet captain at some major hotels. You could have seen me in a fashion show or modelling in a department store. Maybe you bought some of my art while I was an art student in Virginia. You could have owed me money when I was a drug dealer or rode a Harley and we rode together with the same motorcycle club.

Yes, I've been all these people and more. However, I prefer Marsha.