Second prize for 'Butt Dial'

Tonight, was the opening of Bodyscapes at the Rowe Side Gallery, UNCC. The show was set up by my fellow artist and friend Madison Westfall. She put a tremendous amount of time and effort in it. I helped a bit too. My thumbs are still sore from pushing push-pins in the wall.


All students were welcome to submit artwork as long it contained a (human) figure. We were overwhelmed by the amount of (great) work that was brought in and unfortunately half of it had to be rejected due to a lack of space.


The show was set up with a cosy corner for sketches, the walls filled from bottom to top; an official looking space for framed work and a wall for something-in-between. Teacher and artist Alessandra Sulpy juried the show and I am very happy to say that my charcoal drawing ‘Butt Dial’ got the second prize!


Coincidentally, a dozen students had their graduating show in the gallery space next to Bodyscapes. I am looking forward to work on big projects like they did and wonder what my art will look like when I graduate.